[Jeff finds Judge Halden in a silo being covered by dead pig guts]
Halden: I'm a criminal court judge, for Christ's sake! You can't do this to me!
Jeff: You don't remember me? Well, maybe you remember, Timothy Young? [The Judge is covered in more pig guts] He was the driver who killed my son. You gave him six months!
Halden: Okay, all right. We can talk about your case. Obviously, you want answers. I can't give them to you like this! [Is covered in more pig guts]
Jeff: SIX MONTHS! People get more for ****ing parking tickets!
Halden: Okay, I can see you're in great deal of pain. But[1] there are ways we can have his sentence extended. I can help you!
Jeff: TOO LATE! They let him go!
Halden: Don't become what he is! Don't become a killer. Please... [Extends his hand out to Jeff] I have a son, too.
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