Jeff Reinhart quotes

[After Danica Scott screams she didn't do anything] That's exactly it! You didn't do anything!

[Meeting Halden in his trap] You don't remember me. Maybe you remember Timothy Young? He was the driver who killed my son. You gave him six months! Six months! People get more for ****ing parking tickets!

[While Timothy Young's limbs are being twisted/Halden asks if he is a murderer] Every day, I wanted to to kill him. For three years I wanted to kill you. You know what? Maybe I am.

[Gaining the key that will save Timothy from a shotgun] Got the key.

[As Timothy's head is being twisted 180 degrees] I forgive him! I forgive him!

I forgive you.

[Director's Cut Ending, After Jeff kills Jigsaw and moves to Lynn's corpse] Lynn! I'm gonna get us outta here, okay? But your beautiful hair... your beautiful hair. I'm gonna get us outta here. [Plays tape]

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