Saw III quotes

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Amanda Young
Jeff Reinhart
John Kramer/Jigsaw
Lynn Denlon

[Whilst Lynn is operating on John's brain]
Lynn: John, how are you doing?
John: Never better.

John: Don't you think it'd be wise to engage me in conversation for your own sake? I asked you to tell me about your husband.
Lynn: It's like... we're strangers, now. Last time I saw him, we were so disconnected. But now, I'd give anything in the world to see my husband.
John: Matrimony's always fascinated me. Husbands barely able to look at their wives. Wives on their backs in hotel rooms with perfect strangers. People who bear children, only to neglect them. Till death do us part, indeed.
Lynn: I don't know what think you know, but my marrige has survived more suffering than someone like you could ever grasp.
John: Suffering? You haven't seen anything yet. Someone like me? Who am I?
Lynn: A monster. A murderer.
John: I don't condone murder and I despise murderers.

[After a brutal fight in a deleted scene]
Lynn: I'm gonna ****ing KILL YOU!!
Amanda: Kill me and you'll never get the key to that ****ing collar.
[Lynn takes the key off of Amanda's necklace and places it into the collar, only to find it doesn't fit]
Lynn: ****! ****!!
[Lynn leaves; Amanda gives her a smug look [2]]

[Amanda has just died]
John: [Remorsefully] Game over. [Turns and sees Jeff pointing a gun at him; scoffs] You haven't learned anything tonight, have you? Your rage and your vengeance will only hurt the ones you love. Killing me will only add to your misery. It will not bring back your son. Think of your daughter, Jeff. She needs you, now more than ever. You can't kill me, Jeff.
[Jeff laughs and pulls the trigger; nothing happens]
John: Your wife's dying, Jeff. Her time's running out. [Jeff walks over to the barely alive Lynn] Jeff, do not miscalculate. Your fate is in my hands. Your wife's fate is in my hands.
Jeff: [Quietly, to Lynn] I love you.
Lynn: [To Jeff] I love you.
Jeff: I'm taking you home, okay?
John: Though you may not see any threat, there are threats all around you. Jeff, if you try to move your wife, she will die. I can have an ambulance here in four minutes. Would you like to take your wife out of here tonight? Would you like to take her to safety?
Lynn: Stay.
John: Stand and face me, Jeff.
Lynn: Stay with me.
John: Right now. Would you like to get your life back? Would you, Jeff? I can make that happen. Which is it, Jeff? Come on. Yes or no?
Jeff: Yes. What do you want?
John: One final test. The rules are simple. Over on that table is a host of vicious implements... which you can use to exact your pound of flesh, to take your vengeance, to indulge your obsession. Or... you can choose to put your vengeance aside and you can forgive. You can forgive me for the pain that I've caused you and your wife tonight. Which is it going to be, Jeff?
Lynn: Jeff.
John: It's up to you.
Lynn: I need you.
John: Live or die, Jeff... make our choice.
[A long, tense moment passes by]
Jeff: I forgive you. [Walks away]
Lynn: [Weakly] Jeff. Jeff.
[Jeff appears with a power saw]
Lynn: Jeff!
John: Yeah...
[Jeff prepares to kill John]
Lynn: Jeff, no...
[Jeff slits John's throat]
Jeff: [Sarcastically] I forgive you.

[After Danica Scott screams she didn't do anything] That's exactly it! You didn't do anything!

[Meeting Halden in his trap] You don't remember me. Maybe you remember Timothy Young? He was the driver who killed my son. You gave him six months! Six months! People get more for ****ing parking tickets!

[While Timothy Young's limbs are being twisted/Halden asks if he is a murderer] Every day, I wanted to to kill him. For three years I wanted to kill you. You know what? Maybe I am.

[Gaining the key that will save Timothy from a shotgun] Got the key.

[As Timothy's head is being twisted 180 degrees] I forgive him! I forgive him!

I forgive you.

[Director's Cut Ending, After Jeff kills Jigsaw and moves to Lynn's corpse] Lynn! I'm gonna get us outta here, okay? But your beautiful hair... your beautiful hair. I'm gonna get us outta here. [Plays tape]

It's all bullshit. It's all a ****ing lie!

My 20-second analysis without any medical equipment is that his brain is hernating.

It's like we're strangers now. Last time I saw him, we were so disconnected. But now, I'd give anything in the world to see my husband.

I don't know what you think you know, but my marriage has survived more suffering than someone like you could ever grasp.