John: Don't you think it'd be wise to engage me in conversation for your own sake? I asked you to tell me about your husband.
Lynn: It's like... we're strangers, now. Last time I saw him, we were so disconnected. But now, I'd give anything in the world to see my husband.
John: Matrimony's always fascinated me. Husbands barely able to look at their wives. Wives on their backs in hotel rooms with perfect strangers. People who bear children, only to neglect them. Till death do us part, indeed.
Lynn: I don't know what think you know, but my marrige has survived more suffering than someone like you could ever grasp.
John: Suffering? You haven't seen anything yet. Someone like me? Who am I?
Lynn: A monster. A murderer.
John: I don't condone murder and I despise murderers.
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