Rush Hour 2

Rush Hour 2 quotes

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Chief Inspector Lee
Detective James Carter
Hu Li
Isabella Molina
Ricky Tan

[To Carter after he witnesses Lee and Isabella Molina kissing] Yeah, I'm a player.

[In Cantonese] Sorry, my friend is druken and gone mad.

[In bloopers] You're wasting the film.

[Outtakes on InFiniFilm DVD] Why you so happy? My father already die!

That's Ricky Tan? That's a midget in a bath robe.

[To Ricky Tan] No, I'm Lee's new muscle. And don't let this robe fool you, this is the only color they had left.

[Seeing a Chinese thug naked] No wonder you mad!

Who put their hand on my butt? Do it again.

What's wrong with you woman!?

Lady that was unnecessary!

I have never hit a woman in my life but yo ass is pushing it!

[Looking at Isabella getting undressed through a telescope] Lord, have mercy! .... Black panties, black bra. Victoria's Secret, spring catalog, page 27. Girl got class...

Man what's wrong with you? You don't step in front of a black man at a buffet line!

I saw that. I saw that. She kissed you didn't she? You sly devil, you. And you didn't look back. I like that. Playing it cool.

[To Hu Li] We could have been a good couple, we could have had something special, but you're one crazy-ass bitch!