Rush Hour 2

Rush Hour 2 quotes

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Chief Inspector Lee
Detective James Carter
Hu Li
Isabella Molina
Ricky Tan

I can't believe I flew 10,000 miles for this shit!

Don't be messing with me, Lee. I will kick your ass. I'll hit you so hard you'll end up in the Ming Dynasty. I mean it, I'll bitch slap you back to Bangkok!

(To Carter) You Americans are so funny.

(To Lee) The problem with partners is, they die. As will you.

I would like to say a few words. (kisses Lee)

[While Carter is running up the stairs to the roof] Old lady: Move aside, Kobe.

Kenny: Why are you hanging with 7-11 there?

Carter: [Attempting to speak Cantonese but having no idea of what he said] What did I just say?
Lee: You just asked everybody to pick up their Samurai Swords and shave your butt!
Carter: I said that?

Carter: Hey, baby. James Carter, Baldwin Hills.
Isabella Molina: Isabella Molina, San Juan.
Carter: San Juan! I've been there many times on my private plane. You must know my good friend Pedro Morales Magonzales Morotto Malosso Megusto.
Isabella: No, I'm afraid not.
Carter: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you rode in the best of circles. If you need anything, champagne, caviar, my yacht is your yacht.
Isabella: This is your yacht?
Carter: I'm the captain. El capitan.
Isabella: El capitan....
Carter Look, I'm not gonna play games with you. I want you. I can imagine me and you in one of those bathrooms in about five minutes.
Isabella: Oh, it's such a beautiful yacht. What's it name?
Carter: Its name? [Isabella nods] The S.S. Minnow Johnson.
Isabella: The S.S. Minnow Johnson? Funny. The name on the back was the Red Dragon.
Carter: The Red Dragon?
Isabella Yes. Because this is my friend's yacht. And this is his party.
Carter Your's friend yacht? Man, no wonder my key didn't work. All these yachts look all the same these days.
Steven Reign: Who's your friend?
Isabella: Someone who got on the wrong yacht.
Carter: Hey I know you, you're Steven Reign, the hotel billionaire. You must have a private plane as well. What are you doing out here in Hong Kong?
Reign: I'm here for the weekend, takking in the sights. [looks at Isabella] Shall we?
Isabella: [gets up to slow-dance with Reign] Enjoy the party, Mr. Carter.
Carter: I will, Miss Isabella.

Carter: Lee, let me introduce you to Carter's Theory of Criminal Investigation: follow the rich white man!
Lee: Follow the rich white man?
Carter: Exactly, now you're learning. Every big crime has a rich white man waitin' for his cut. Now, in our case we know who the rich white man is. Steven Reign!
Lee: Who?
Carter: Steven Reign, the hotel billionaire, I saw him on Ricky Tan's boat. When the shootin' started he was way too cool. Now lemme tell you somethin', when shootin' starts, white people ain't that cool. They either runnin' around hidin' behind tables or screaming like, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"
Lee: You sound like that all the time!
Carter: Let me tell you something about black people: When things go down, we keep our cool.
Lee: Maybe, but not like us Asians. We never panic.
Carter: Man when Godzilla comes y'all be trippin'. I've seen the movie, everyone goin' "gaicka, gaicka"!

Carter: Secret Service Agent James Carter! Boy that sounds good! Give me six months, SIX MONTHS, Lee, and I'll be up in Washington protecting the President.
Lee: Everyone knows you would never take a bullet for someone else.
Carter: Yeah, but they don't know that. Did you see the way she was looking at me brother?
Lee: She never even looked at you!
Carter: Don't be jealous, Lee. The girl chose me. 'Cause I'm tall, dark, and handsome and you third-world ugly.
Lee: I'm not third-world ugly. Women like me. They think I'm cute, like Snoopy.
Carter: Lee, Snoopy is six inches taller than you.

[After Carter throws Lee's CD out the window] That was my CD! Don't you ever touch a Chinese man's CD!

[After Carter seemingly dies in an explosion] All he wanted was some Mushu.

[To Carter] I will bitch-slap you back to Africa.

[To Carter after a truck passes over them] I cannot believe I flew 10,000 miles for this shit. AHHHHHHH!