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Donald Sinclair
Duane Cody
Enrico Polinni
Kimberly Pear
Owen Templeton
Randy Pear
Vera Baker

Look dad, I'm Mrs. Hitler!

You drink these up, then we're gonna return the Nazi-mobile. And then we'll get the van fixed and we'll go back to Vegas and see David Copperfield!

Now, I know what you are thinking. Enrico is a girl's name.

It's a race! It's a race! I hope I win!

I make a joke to help you forget how screwed you are.

Theoretically, you have been racing for about forty seconds now, and so far, Mr. Schaefer is winning, because he's nearest to the door!

They're always pissed honey.. They're Nazis, it's like it's their job.

What are you talking about, brother? I'm not giving up and neither are you. And neither am I! If we're not flying out of here, nobody's flying out of here!

You might break your neck, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.

I know you, you're the referee, the bonehead!

Oh good! A scam!!