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Captain Harris
Carey Mahoney
Eugene Tackleberry
Larvell Jones
Laverne Hooks
Moses Hightower

I'm on a diet.

It depends. Sir? I hope this isn't going to be too personal? I heard what you said about my little butt and I don't know how to break this to you, sir, but I'm straight

Never fool with a fuzz ball.

Did anyone tell you what a great tailor you have, Sir?

Citizens On Patrol. What a joke. You know what C.O.P. really stands for, Proctor?

Hey! Why didn't you guys call me this weekend?

Move out, maggots!

Not funny, you idiot!

This is not a spawning pool!

Not exactly a four star hotel, is it?

Don't touch those! Don't you ever touch my balls without asking!

What in the hell are you doing!?!

It was your government that brought us here!

You'll never get away with this, you two-bit scum!

Come with me!