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Then one day it could all be gone, in one big puff of smoke and ball of fire. All that out there, the stars, the planets, all just an empty void.

If you have the solarbonite, you have nothing.

Danny: [to Jeff] We've got thirty-three passengers back there that have time to be preoccupied. Flying this flybird doesn't give you that opportunity.

Edith: I can't resist your charm, Danny Boy.

Tanna: Eros! Eros everything's on fire! Hurry, wake up Eros! Eros, Eros, wake up, wake up! Eros! Eros wake up, Eros! God wake up!

Danny: Holy mackeral.
Operator: Burbank Tower to American Flight 812, are you in trouble?
[Edith enters]
Edith: Trouble?
Danny: Take a look for yourself.
Edith: [seeing a flying saucer] What in the world...
Danny: That's nothing from this world.

Gravedigger #1: You hear anything?
Gravedigger #2: Thought I did.
Gravedigger #1: Don't like hearing noises, especially when there ain't supposed to be any.
Gravedigger #2: Yeah, kinda spooky-like.
Gravedigger #1: Maybe we're getting old.
Gravedigger #2: Well, whatever it is, it's gone now.
Gravedigger #1: That's the best thing for us too, gone.
Gravedigger #2: Yeah, let's go.

Lt. Harper: What're you gonna do?
Clay: Look around a little.
Lt. Harper: Once you get beyond those lights you won't be able to see your hand in front of your face.
Clay: I will get one of the flashlights from the patrol car.
Lt. Harper: You be careful Clay.
Clay: I'm a big boy now, Johnny.

Lt. Harper: Get back up to the car and get on the radio. Tell the coroner he's gotta make another trip out here.
Kelton: Well how 'bout the lab boys?
Lt. Harper: Well who do you think we left back at the car, boy scouts?

Soldier: Quite a sight, wasn't it Sir?
Col. Edwards: A sight I'd rather not be seeing.
Soldier: Are you worried about them, Sir?
Col. Edwards: Well, they must have a reason for their visits.
Soldier: Visits? Well that would indicate visitors! Are big guns the usual way of welcoming visitors?
Col. Edwards: We haven't always fired at them.
Soldier: Oh?
Col. Edwards: For a time we tried to contact them by radio, but no response. Then they attacked a town. A small town, I'll admit. But nevertheless a town of people. People who died.
Soldier: I never heard about that, Sir.
Col. Edwards: Well, it was covered up by the higher echelon. Take any fire, any earthquake, any major disaster, then wonder. Flying saucers, Captain, are still a rumour. Officially.
Air Force Captain: Looks like we beat them off again, Sir.
Col. Edwards: What do they want...where are they from...where are they going...
Air Force Captain: They, Sir? Who? Oh, this is a training maneuver, Sir. We only did a little practice firing at the clouds.
Col. Edwards: Yeah. I wonder what their next move will be.
Criswell: What will their next move be?

Ruler: You have your report?
Eros: We had to pull in here to Space Station 7 for regeneration. We're returning to the planet Earth immediately thereafter.
Ruler: What progress has been made?
Eros: We contacted government officials. They refuse our existence.
Ruler: What plan will you follow now?
Eros: Plan 9. It's been absolutely impossible to work through these Earth creatures. Their soul is too controlled.
Ruler: Plan 9...ah yes. Plan 9 deals with the resurrection of the dead. Long-distance electrodes shot into the pinion pituitary glands of recent dead. Have you attempted any of this plan as yet?
Eros: Yes Excellency.
Ruler: How successful has it been?
Eros: We have risen two so far. We shall be just as successful on more.
Ruler: The living...they have no suspicion of your movements?
Eros: We had to dispose of one policeman. However, none of those risen have been seen. At least, not by anyone who still remains alive.
Ruler: It's too bad it must be handled this way. However it must. Those who take from the grave will lead the way for our other operations.
Eros: Yes, Excellency.

Tanna: I feared His Excellency wouldn't take our report this well.
Eros: Well had he been dealing with our own people his reaction would have been completely different. He understands the difficulties of the Earth race.
Tanna: What do you think will be the next obstacle the Earth people will put in our way?
Eros: Well, as long as they can think we'll have our problems. But those whom we're using cannot think. They are the dead. Brought to a simulated life by our electrode guns. You know, it's an interesting thing when you consider...the Earth people, who can think, are so frightened by those who cannot: the dead. Well, our ship should be regenerated, we'd better get started.

Jeff: I still think you oughta go in town and stay with your mother until I get back.
Paula: This is our home and nothing's going to take me from it. Besides, most men try and keep their wives from going home to Momma.
Jeff: That's not the point.
Paula: That's all the point there's going to be. Now toddle off and fly your flying machine, Darling. But if you see any more flying saucers, will you tell them to pick another house to buzz? Don't worry about me.
Jeff: Oh you're the only thing I do worry about. Oh forget about the flying saucers. They're up there. But there's something in that cemetery, and that's too close for comfort.
Paula: The saucers are up there. And the cemetery's out there. But I'll be locked up in there. Now off to your wild blue yonders.
Jeff: You promise you'll lock the doors immediately?
Paula: I promise. Besides, I'll be in bed before half an hour is gone, with your pillow beside me.
Jeff: My pillow?
Paula: Well, I have to have something to keep me company while you're away. Sometimes in the night when it does get a little lonely, I reach over and touch it, then it doesn't seem so lonely anymore.
Jeff: A crazy kid. I do love you, Darlin'.

Danny: Hey Edie, how about you and me balling it up in Albuquerque?
Edith: Albuquerque? Have you read that flight schedule, boy?
Danny: What about it?
Edith: We land in Albuquerque at 4 am. That's strictly a nine o'clock town.

Larry: What do you suppose that noise was?
Lt. Harper: Whatever it was it's no more strange than the other things happening around this cemetery.
Larry: Spirits like Old Farmer Caulder talked about?
Lt. Harper: Heh. Maybe.
Larry: The only spirits he saw tonight were those I smelled on his breath.
Lt. Harper: Well don't forget Mrs. Trent claims to have seen them too. She didn't have anything on her breath.
Larry: She was hysterical.
Lt. Harper: Well true, she was frightened, and in a state of shock. But, don't forget that torn nightgown and the scratched feet.
Larry: Yeah I hadn't thought of that. I guess that's why you're a detective lieutenant and I'm still a uniformed cop.
Lt. Harper: Sometimes it's only the breaks, Larry.