Ruler: You have your report?
Eros: We had to pull in here to Space Station 7 for regeneration. We're returning to the planet Earth immediately thereafter.
Ruler: What progress has been made?
Eros: We contacted government officials. They refuse our existence.
Ruler: What plan will you follow now?
Eros: Plan 9. It's been absolutely impossible to work through these Earth creatures. Their soul is too controlled.
Ruler: Plan 9...ah yes. Plan 9 deals with the resurrection of the dead. Long-distance electrodes shot into the pinion pituitary glands of recent dead. Have you attempted any of this plan as yet?
Eros: Yes Excellency.
Ruler: How successful has it been?
Eros: We have risen two so far. We shall be just as successful on more.
Ruler: The living...they have no suspicion of your movements?
Eros: We had to dispose of one policeman. However, none of those risen have been seen. At least, not by anyone who still remains alive.
Ruler: It's too bad it must be handled this way. However it must. Those who take from the grave will lead the way for our other operations.
Eros: Yes, Excellency.
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