Soldier: Quite a sight, wasn't it Sir?
Col. Edwards: A sight I'd rather not be seeing.
Soldier: Are you worried about them, Sir?
Col. Edwards: Well, they must have a reason for their visits.
Soldier: Visits? Well that would indicate visitors! Are big guns the usual way of welcoming visitors?
Col. Edwards: We haven't always fired at them.
Soldier: Oh?
Col. Edwards: For a time we tried to contact them by radio, but no response. Then they attacked a town. A small town, I'll admit. But nevertheless a town of people. People who died.
Soldier: I never heard about that, Sir.
Col. Edwards: Well, it was covered up by the higher echelon. Take any fire, any earthquake, any major disaster, then wonder. Flying saucers, Captain, are still a rumour. Officially.
Air Force Captain: Looks like we beat them off again, Sir.
Col. Edwards: What do they want...where are they from...where are they going...
Air Force Captain: They, Sir? Who? Oh, this is a training maneuver, Sir. We only did a little practice firing at the clouds.
Col. Edwards: Yeah. I wonder what their next move will be.
Criswell: What will their next move be?
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