Jeff: I still think you oughta go in town and stay with your mother until I get back.
Paula: This is our home and nothing's going to take me from it. Besides, most men try and keep their wives from going home to Momma.
Jeff: That's not the point.
Paula: That's all the point there's going to be. Now toddle off and fly your flying machine, Darling. But if you see any more flying saucers, will you tell them to pick another house to buzz? Don't worry about me.
Jeff: Oh you're the only thing I do worry about. Oh forget about the flying saucers. They're up there. But there's something in that cemetery, and that's too close for comfort.
Paula: The saucers are up there. And the cemetery's out there. But I'll be locked up in there. Now off to your wild blue yonders.
Jeff: You promise you'll lock the doors immediately?
Paula: I promise. Besides, I'll be in bed before half an hour is gone, with your pillow beside me.
Jeff: My pillow?
Paula: Well, I have to have something to keep me company while you're away. Sometimes in the night when it does get a little lonely, I reach over and touch it, then it doesn't seem so lonely anymore.
Jeff: A crazy kid. I do love you, Darlin'.
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