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Ema "Emmy" Hesire
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Mr. Richards

At least she'll never tell you that your hips are too fat.

Don't let Felix get to you, he's just got a bad case of Miami Vice.

Diets don't work. It's those jelly doughnuts, they call to me in the middle of the night. Hollywood, Hollywood, come and get me Hollywood.

[to Jonathon] Imagine pretending you're a regular stock boy when you're an A-number-one arteest!

You know I would never bother you when you're getting a piece of wood...

You must lead a charmed life, it was all I could do to save your skin in there. No thanks are necessary, Switcher!

[to Felix] You people that work at night scare me.

Captain Felix Maxwell: [to Jonathan] Switcher, you are one sick puppy!

Mrs. Claire Prince Timkin: Mr. Richards, this store has never been more successful, and it's all due to Jonathan Switcher. I don't care if he puts a rubber glove on his head and runs naked around the store yelling: "Hi, I'm a squid!"

Mannequin Factory Boss: You know, you could get the dummy of the week award, Switcher.
Jonathan Switcher: She turned out pretty good, didn't she?
Mannequin Factory Boss: I wasn't talking about her.

Jonathan Switcher: This job at Illustra is destroying your sense of humor. You gotta quit.
Roxie Shield: I'm not the one who can't deal with reality.
Jonathan Switcher: Reality is very disappointing.

Roxie Shield: I think you should see a professional.
Jonathan Switcher: A professional? What do you mean, a hooker?
Roxie Shield: No, I mean a psychiatrist.
Jonathan Switcher: I can't afford a psychiatrist.
Roxie Shield: Then call one of those shrinks on the radio.
Jonathan Switcher: A radio shrink? They're only good for people with problems that fit between the commercials.

Mrs. Claire Prince Timkin: If there's anything I could do for you--
Jonathan Switcher: Yeah, I could use a job.
Mrs. Claire Prince Timkin: What do you do?
Jonathan Switcher: Anything!
Mrs. Claire Prince Timkin: When can you start?
Jonathan Switcher: Uh, as soon as I finish this!

Mrs. Claire Prince Timkin: I don't know how we're going to make this store great again.
Jonathan Switcher: Looks fine to me. What time do we open?
Mrs. Claire Prince Timkin: We are open.
Jonathan Switcher: I'm sure things will pick up by lunch.

Hollywood Montrose: I am so glad you're working here!
Jonathan Switcher: You are?
Hollywood Montrose: Well, of course I am, darling. I never thought they'd hire anyone stranger than me.