Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon quotes

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Andy Kaufman
George Shapiro
Tony Clifton

David: You know...I think I'm gonna get a lawyer.

Andy: That's it...I quit!

Andy: I'm sorry for all the wrestling I've ever done and I'm sorry for all the grief I've ever given...I was just playing bad guy wrestler and it's not me it's just a role and I guess Jerry took it seriously...I'm sorry.

Bob: What?

Those are dead people laughing, you know that, those people are dead!

I've had it with this bullshit Lawler. I'm gonna sue you, I'm gonna sue you for everything you got I swear to god, **** YOU! OKAY, ALRIGHT LAWLER, **** YOU!

You're insane...but you might also be brilliant.

Look at're so look like some stupid kid walking home from school and saying, "Look Dad, I got an F!"

If I find out you're behind this I will KILL you, Zmuda.