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Andy: That's it...I quit!

Bob: What?

Andy: Every show is worse than the last one.

Bob: 40 million people are watching your ass every week, KAUFMAN.

Andy: And what do they know?

Bob: Absolutely nothing...look, stay here and you rise and when you're on top the sky is the limit and then you can **** with their heads.

Andy: I'm sorry for all the wrestling I've ever done and I'm sorry for all the grief I've ever given...I was just playing bad guy wrestler and it's not me it's just a role and I guess Jerry took it seriously...I'm sorry.

David: I mean you said some pretty inflammatory things.

Jerry: I mean everything's a joke with this guy, like that thing I don't know if that's a neck brace or a flea collar.

Andy: My father said I could've sued you, I could've hired a lawyer and sued but I didn't because I'm not that kind of guy.

Jerry: What kind of guy are you?

David: You know...I think I'm gonna get a lawyer.

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