Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon quotes

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Andy Kaufman
George Shapiro
Tony Clifton

I've had it with this bullshit Lawler. I'm gonna sue you, I'm gonna sue you for everything you got I swear to god, **** YOU! OKAY, ALRIGHT LAWLER, **** YOU!

If I find out you're behind this I will KILL you, Zmuda.

Look at're so look like some stupid kid walking home from school and saying, "Look Dad, I got an F!"

OK, bullshit bullshit my line, bullshit bullshit my line, AHHHHH!

Those are dead people laughing, you know that, those people are dead!

What about a bathroom I may of shit my pants!

Whoopdie doo, whoopdie die...stick a needle in your eye!

You almost sat in some cottage cheese, oh pardon me, that's your ass.

You're insane...but you might also be brilliant.