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I'm sorry I never acknowledged your existence all those years. It won't happen again. I mean it. You are my son to me. Almost more so.

Give me that camera. I'm gonna smash it over your head. Cut!

This is the first time Eleanor's ever cried in front of me as long as I've known her. Except for once when she got her arm caught in the deck winch.

Well, I was a little embarrassed at first. Obviously people are gonna think I'm a showboat and a little bit of a prick. But then I realized... that's me. I said those things. I did those things. I can live with that.

[referring to the shark that ate his friend, Esteban] I wonder if it remembers me.

We complete the adventure, but another member of our crew has been lost. This one was my son. Also our equity partner. We start the voyage home in our wounded vessel.

[while playing poker with pirates] Steven. Are you rescuing me? [Steve shrugs awkwardly] Fold. [Alistair is shot by one of the pirates]

They made soup out of my research turtles.

We've never made great husbands, have we? Of course, I have a good excuse. I'm part gay.

Is that one of mine? I think one of my research turtles survived.

Some crooked ****ers stole a bunch of equipment from my underwater research lab.

What's your dog's name? [Zissou pauses and answers "Cody". Alistair walks over to the three-legged dog, smacks it sharply on the face with his rolled up newspaper] Be still, Cody.

Where are you coming from, jack off? Shit.

Who the shit is Kingsley Zissou?

Thanks. Thanks a lot for not picking me.