Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven quotes

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David Abbot
Elizabeth Masterson
Jack Houriskey
Multiple Characters

Abby: I will chop you! I swear, I will chop you! [while wielding a meat cleaver]

David: Are-are-are you here? Come on, I think you're here. [waits] Okay. I've got a hot, moist cup of coffee in my hand. There is no coaster on this table. I'm going to set it down on this lovely mahogany—
Elizabeth: [appearing from nowhere] Don't you dare!
David: Ah! We-we need to talk.

Dr. Walsh: Unlike some others, you spend more time being concerned with what's best for the patient than kissing my ass. A risky move, but I like it.

[After downstairs neighbor Katrina flirts outrageously with David.]
Elizabeth: You don't think she was completely un-classy and predatory?
David: Those happen to be two of men's favorite things.

Abby: Who put SpongeBob in the pasta?!

[An intangible Elizabeth coaches David in helping a collapsed restaurant patron.]
Manager: What's wrong with him?
Elizabeth: It's a tension pneumothorax.
David: I think it's a tension nemothaxer.
Elizabeth: Pneumothorax.
David: Pneumothaxer.
Elizabeth: Pneumothorax.
David: Pneuma… pneumathurman!
Elizabeth: Never mind.
David: Never mind!

Elizabeth: Look, you have two realities to choose from. First one being that a woman has come into your life in a very unconventional way, and she happens to need your assistance.
David: Right.
Elizabeth: The second one is that you're an insane person, and you're sitting on a park bench right now talking to yourself.
David: I think I prefer the first one.

... because one day, trust me, I'm gonna need help movin' a body, and when that day comes, I don't want to hear any shit from you.

Brett: We sometimes find it's best to just ask God's forgiveness and not prolong the inevitable.

Dry cleaner: I think of her, I think of… sadness. Loneliness.

Elizabeth: All I know is-is when I'm not with you it's like I don't… exist. Oh, my God. Maybe I am dead.
David: Oh, come on now. I'm, I'm sorry I said you were dead. Maybe you're not dead. Maybe you're just very… light.

Jack: Fine,fine. If she is really there tell me, tell me what I have behind my back. Rock, paper, or scissor.
Elizabeth: Rock!
David: Rock!
Elizabeth: Scissors!
David: Scissors!
Elizabeth: Paper!
David: Paper!
Elizabeth: Rock, again!
David: Rock,again!
[Jack puts up the middle finger behind his back.]
Elizabeth: He's flipping me off.
David: Are you flipping her off?

Fran: It would have been so awful if she'd gone through her whole life not knowing what it was all about.

Darryl: So what kind of encounter have you had?
David: Encounter?
Darryl: Ectoplasm? Soniferous ether? I have a killer s?ance book if you're into communication.
David: Communicating is not her problem.

David: Let me ask you, has anything, uh, dramatic happened to you recently?
Elizabeth: Like what?
David: I don't know, like… dying, maybe?