Just Like Heaven

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David Abbot
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I mean, I guess she's sexy if you're into that whole tall, big boobs, long legs, model-y sort of thing. I guess if you wanna be that guy. [referring to Katrina]

I'd be on the phone and I'd be like, "Hello, Osama? Communism is so over Like, give your people toilet paper!"

I'm just… I just wanted you to have your garden.

I'm like, 99.9 % parched, here. I could really use a cola.

I'm, I'm sorry I said you were dead. Maybe you're not dead. Maybe you're just very… light.

If you could ever really touch me… I think I might wake up from all this.

Is that a ring? Have you ever heard of a coaster? Or a trash can, for that matter? I don't care who you are, you're mopping that up. [during her first appearance as a spirit]

It's like every time I meet a cute guy — lesbian.

Kinda like a cat lady, but without any cats. Right?

Look, there are five other units here and not one person even remembers what you look like. Talk about being disconnected.

Oh God, David, the felonies just keep piling up!

Oh, I get it. You were dumped. Probably for some guy who doesn't have a couch fused to his ass.

Oh, my God. Maybe I was a slut. A lonely, home-wrecking slut.

Okay, I was wasted. But I still shouldn't be seeing some little blonde control freak running around my apartment.

Opium addicts are more alert than you, David.