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Gord Brody

Eh, hmm. Investments. Eh, I do investments. Consulting in the business, eh, business, eh, analysing, stocks, eh, NASDAQ, eh, Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, eh, New York City, CNN.

I hope I get a jobby, Freddy. I got my fingers crossed!


I wanna try the horsey! I wanna try the horsey!

Don't rub on Mr. Lee!

[observing Gordy's drawings of his dad] Oh yeah, he's a character!

Policewoman: GET OFF THE ****ING BAR, ASSHOLE!

Betty: Your dad called me a retard-slut-whore. I don't think he likes me very much, Gordy.

Jim: [after seeing Darren's leg during the skateboarding accident] O-oh god! Get him a job! I mean get him an ambulance! You get a job, he's got a job already!

Gord Brody: He's driving me insane.
Freddy Brody: No, no, you're driving him insane. You're older than me and you still live at home. I have a job, you know? I pay my own way.
Gord Brody: You work at a bank. Am I suppose to be dazzled?
Freddy Brody: Well at least I don't live at home.
Gord Brody: Yeah, you live in a tiny shithole and you can't afford breakfast so you come here and you eat for free.

Jim Brody: Where are you going?
Gord: Bye bye daddy! Bye bye daddy! I'm going to get a jobeee!!!
Jim Brody: You must think I'm a damn idiot!
Gord: Ummm... yes?

Gord: You can't have complaints there's not enough cheese in the cheese sandwiches. I mean, if there's no cheese in a cheese sandwich, that's basically just two slices of bread, and if word of that were to get out, well, I could lose my job! I could lose all of this! And we wouldn't want that, would we? Would we?! WOULD WE! HUH?!
Customer: What the **** am I gonna do with that?
Gord: Well, you could stick it in your bum-bum.

Jim: Hey, Gord, the water cold enough for ya? [turns the water temp level down, then breaks into the bathroom, then flushes the toilet]
Jim: Don't tell me you're so goddamn stupid you can't even tell the difference between hot and cold. [opens shower to find Gord with a soap on a rope in scuba gear]
Jim: What the **** is going on?
Gord: I'm underwater! Look! I found a treasure.
Jim: A treasure? That's soap on a rope!
Gord: SHHHHHH!!! I'm pretending it's a treasure!
Jim: Get outta my goddamn scuba gear you imbecile!

Gord: I'm gonna make you so proud.
Jim: Make your daddy proud.
Gord: You're gonna be so proud. Proud? Proud.
[pulls out of parking space and honks at a pedestrian]
Get the **** outta the way!

Jim: Wait a minute, you're crippled.
Gord: Dad..
Betty: Wha--what?
Gord: Dad..
Betty: You got a problem with my legs?
Jim: No, you've got a problem with your legs. Either that or you're just lazy.