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I don't have friends because I don't want friends.

(The Gang is looking at a poster of their T.V. series. It reads: "FAT ALBERT and the Cosby Kids OWN THE COMPLETE COLLECTION ON DVD")
Bill: See. That's who we are.
Rudy: Yeah. And we're coming out on "divda."

I'm a party animal!

I have no face.

Mrs. Forchik: Doris says that you're visiting. Where is it that you live?
Fat Albert: North Philly.
(Class laughs)
Fat Albert: Is that funny?
Mrs. Forchik: Yes. It is. Considering the fact that you're in North Philadelphia and therefore are visiting North Philadelphia from North Philadelphia.
Fat Albert: Hmm...

I have a face? I do? I do!

Old Man: You go out there and you'll poke your eye out!
Russell: Why do adults always say you'll poke your eye out?

(Darren shows up wearing the exact same outfit as Rudy.)
Darren: Yeah, I figure with this new hot look, be getting all the girls.
Rudy: I hear you, man. Somethin' I've been living with for years.
Darren: Hey, man, your colors. They're fading. You need to chill with that bleach, man.

You haven't seen the last of me, fat man! Fat, fat, fat, fat!

Doris, why are you acting like a loser? You're not a loser.

There's no way I'm letting that fat kid get over on Lauri.

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Doris, no one came out of our television set.

Guy in Class: What's that on your head?
Dumb Donald: It's my hat.
Guy in Class: Why don't you take it off?
Dumb Donald: I have no face.
Guy in Class: Right. (grabs backpack and moves)

Rudy: Can I ask you a question?
Doris: Sure.
Rudy: (sighs) If I didn't have to go back-I mean, if I was a real person, would you-
Doris: Would I what?
Rudy: (hesitates) Would you go out with me?
Doris: (giggles lightly) You mean, like, on a date?
Rudy: Yeah.
Doris: But we are on a date.
Rudy: That's right. Cool.