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Mrs. Forchik: Doris says that you're visiting. Where is it that you live?
Fat Albert: North Philly.
(Class laughs)
Fat Albert: Is that funny?
Mrs. Forchik: Yes. It is. Considering the fact that you're in North Philadelphia and therefore are visiting North Philadelphia from North Philadelphia.
Fat Albert: Hmm...

(The Gang is looking at a poster of their T.V. series. It reads: "FAT ALBERT and the Cosby Kids OWN THE COMPLETE COLLECTION ON DVD")
Bill: See. That's who we are.
Rudy: Yeah. And we're coming out on "divda."

I have no face.

I'm a party animal!

Rudy: Can I ask you a question?
Doris: Sure.
Rudy: (sighs) If I didn't have to go back-I mean, if I was a real person, would you-
Doris: Would I what?
Rudy: (hesitates) Would you go out with me?
Doris: (giggles lightly) You mean, like, on a date?
Rudy: Yeah.
Doris: But we are on a date.
Rudy: That's right. Cool.

I don't have friends because I don't want friends.

Guy in Class: What's that on your head?
Dumb Donald: It's my hat.
Guy in Class: Why don't you take it off?
Dumb Donald: I have no face.
Guy in Class: Right. (grabs backpack and moves)

Old Man: You go out there and you'll poke your eye out!
Russell: Why do adults always say you'll poke your eye out?


There's no way I'm letting that fat kid get over on Lauri.

I have a face? I do? I do!

Doris, why are you acting like a loser? You're not a loser.

You haven't seen the last of me, fat man! Fat, fat, fat, fat!

Literary works

(Darren shows up wearing the exact same outfit as Rudy.)
Darren: Yeah, I figure with this new hot look, be getting all the girls.
Rudy: I hear you, man. Somethin' I've been living with for years.
Darren: Hey, man, your colors. They're fading. You need to chill with that bleach, man.