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Reggie: You wanna race me, beefy boy?
Rudy: You don't wanna race Fat Albert.
Reggie: "Fat Albert?" (he and Arthur laughs)
Dumb Donald: Yeah, he's fat, but he's fast.
Mush Mouth: Fabby but fabba.
(Reggie stares at Mush mouth, who then mumbles more)
Reggie: Okay...

Fat Albert: Okay. I'll race you, but I can't take my clothes off.
Reggie: Great. 'Cause nobody wants to see all that blubber anyways.

Mush Mouth: (refering to Lauri) Oh, boy. That be some nice budda-bup.
Weird Hal: You watch your mouth!

Weird Hal: Oh, my! I can see his behind.
Bucky: My behind?
Rudy: So that's what one looks like?
Bill: Looks Like it's broken

Doris: Let's go. The show's already started and you guys gotta get your behinds back in the T.V.
Bucky: But no lookin'.
Doris: At what?
Bucky: Never you mind. Just no lookin'.

Okay, Daddy and I are gonna have to have a long talk. I don't know how, but I'm gonna tell him that we need a gate. Some kind of guard or screen to put over the television set so nobody can get out. Okay.

(Trying to convince Doris to go to the party.)
Fat Albert: You want us to go back in the T.V., don't ya?
Doris: Are you threatening me?
Fat Albert: Is it working?

You're like school on Saturday: no class.

Fat Albert: (concerned) That girl has a problem.
Doris: What problem?
Fat Albert: You must have a problem, you were cryin'.
Doris: Problem...right...Um,um, uh, I was crying because I lost my, um (looks around for something, spots backpack) my backpack!
Rudy: (pointing at backpack) Is that it?
Doris: (feigning surprise) Oh! You found my backpack!

Arthur! Learn the handshake!

[repeated line]: (hits or scratches head) I am so confused!

Rudy: (to Bill) Okay, say you're a girl and you're on a roller coaster.
Bill: I'm not sayin' I'm a girl on a roller coaster. What's wrong with you, man? Why don't you say you're a girl on a roller coaster by yourself!

I can't take my sweater off...because I, uh, don't know what's underneath.

Guys, I see...cheerleaders.

Mrs. Forchik: Doris says that you're visiting. Where is it that you live?
Fat Albert: North Philly.
(Class laughs)
Fat Albert: Is that funny?
Mrs. Forchik: Yes. It is. Considering the fact that you're in North Philadelphia and therefore are visiting North Philadelphia from North Philadelphia.
Fat Albert: Hmm...

Guy in Class: What's that on your head?
Dumb Donald: It's my hat.
Guy in Class: Why don't you take it off?
Dumb Donald: I have no face.
Guy in Class: Right. (grabs backpack and moves)

I don't have problems. I solve problems.