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[The Chechen is meeting with the Scarecrow in a parking garage to discuss a drug deal]
The Chechen: [shows him an addict, who is hallucinating under the effects of fear toxin] Look what your drugs did to my customers.
The Scarecrow: [sitting in the shadow of the back of his van, which is surrounded by his men] Buyer beware. [gets up and moves forward into the light giving us our first sight of him] I told you my compound would take you places. I never said they'd be places that you wanted to go.
The Chechen: My business is repeat customers!
The Scarecrow: You don't like what I have to offer, then you can buy from someone else...assuming Batman left anyone to buy from.
[The Chechen's dogs start barking and everyone looks around]
The Chechen: My dogs are hungry!
[A figure that looks like Batman appears in the shadows]
The Chechen: Pity there's only one of you.
[But then more appear, with guns; the Chechen sets his dogs on one of them and a gun fight ensues]
The Scarecrow: That's not him. [sprays one of the fake "batmen" with his fear toxin, incapacitating him]
[The Tumbler crashes through the wall of the garage]
The Scarecrow: That's more like it.

[To Gordon] Sometimes, the truth isn't good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.

[Part of the opening scene; "Bank heist"]
Clown (driver): Three of a kind. Let's do this.
Clown (gunman): That's it? Three guys?
Clown (driver): Two guys on the roof, every guy gets his share. Five shares is plenty.
Clown (gunman): Six shares. Don't forget the guy who planned the job.
Clown (driver): He thinks he can sit this out and still get his slice? I know why they call him "the Joker".
[Camera cuts to the two guys up on the roof]
Clown (alarm guy): So, why do they call him "the Joker"?
Clown (safecracker): I heard he wears make-up.
Clown (alarm guy): Make-up?
Clown (safecracker): Yeah, to scare people. You know, war paint.
Clown (alarm guy): [tampering with the bank's alarm system] Here comes the silent alarm...and there it goes. That's funny; it didn't dial out to 9-1-1. It was trying to reach a private number.
Clown (safecracker): Is it a problem?
Clown (alarm guy): Nah, I'm done here.
[The safecracker shoots him]

Alfred: Will you be wanting the Batpod, sir?
Bruce Wayne: In the middle of the day, Alfred? Not very subtle.
Alfred: The Lamborghini, then. [with deadpan sarcasm] Much more subtle.

Alfred: [bringing over champagne] A little liquid courage, sir?
Harvey Dent: You're Alfred, right?
Alfred: That's right, sir.
Harvey Dent: You've known Rachel her whole life?
Alfred: Well, not yet, sir.
Harvey Dent: Any psychotic ex-boyfriends I should be aware of?
Alfred: Oh, you have no idea.

The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. And tonight, you're gonna break your one rule.

Bruce Wayne: I need a new suit.
Lucius: [looking at the business suit Bruce is wearing] Three buttons is a little 90's, Mr. Wayne.
Bruce Wayne: I'm not talking fashion, so much as function. [Fox inspects the new designs.]
Lucius You want to be able to turn your head.
Bruce Wayne: [dryly] Well, it would make backing out of the driveway easier.

You know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go "according to plan"...even if the plan is horrifying. If tomorrow I told the press that, like, a gang-banger will get shot, or a truck load of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it's all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die...[voice rises hysterically] well, then everyone loses their minds!

[after Batman flips the truck and speeds towards the Joker who walks towards him shooting cars in the way] Come on. I want you to do it. I want you to do it. Hit me. Hit me! I want you to hit me! Come on. Do it! Hit me!

Have you ever had to talk to the person you love most? To tell them it's going to be all right, when you know that it's not?

[Gordon is on the roof standing by the lit Batsignal, looking at it painted on the clouds, as Det. Ramirez brings him coffee]
Ramirez: You expecting him to show?
Gordon: He often doesn't.
Ramirez: Why wouldn't he show?
Gordon: Hopefully... [sips his coffee] ...because he's busy.
Ramirez: Then why do you light it?
Gordon: I just like to remind people he's out there.
[We see a montage of people looking up at the signal from around the city; two criminals beside a car planning a crime see the signal and one gets nervous and runs off; then we see the Chechen with his crew at a parking garage looking at the signal]
The Chechen: That is why we bring dogs!

Bruce Wayne: That bandit in Burma, did you ever catch him?
Alfred: Oh, yes.
Bruce Wayne: How?
Alfred: We burned the forest down.

Harvey Dent: [to Rachel arriving late to court] Sorry I'm late folks.
[After they sit down when the judge enters]
Harvey Dent: [to Rachel] Who should go first?
Rachel: What do you mean?
Harvey Dent: [pulls out a coin] Heads, I go; tails, you go.
Rachel: You'd leave something like this up to chance.
Harvey Dent: [flips her the coin, which lands on "heads"] I don't rely on chance. I make my own luck.

[Batman has agreed to take the blame for Two-Face's murders so that Harvey Dent can be remembered as a hero] He's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now...and so we'll hunt him...because he can take it...because he's not our hero... he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... the Dark Knight. [credits roll]

[Lucius then shows Bruce the new Batsuit and describes its features; Bruce picks up a gauntlet and accidentally causes the projectiles to fire into a metal cabinet]
Lucius: Perhaps you should read the instructions first.
[Bruce looks slightly sheepish as he puts the gauntlet back]
Lucius: Now, this new armor is lighter, so you'll be able to move more easily, but there is a tradeoff in that you'll have less protection and be more vulnerable to bullets and knives.
Bruce: How will it hold up against dogs?
Lucius: [with sarcasm] We talking rottweilers or chihuahuas? [Bruce gives him a dirty look] Should do fine against cats.