[As the Joker is climbing into the school bus to leave]
Bank Manager: You think you're smart, huh?
[The Joker turns to regard him peculiarly]
Bank Manager: Whoever hired you'se...they'll just do the same to you.
[The Joker calmly stalks towards him as he says this]
Bank Manager: The criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor...respect! Look at you. What do you believe in, huh? What do you believe in?!
[The Joker kneels down, grabs the manager's face, and sticks a grenade attached to a string into his mouth]
The Joker: I believe...whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...[Joker takes off his clown mask for the first time, to reveal the horrific scars that extend his mouth into a giant grin]...stranger.
[Joker gives a slight chuckle and smile, gets on the school bus, and drives out of the bank causing the string to pull the pin out of the grenade...which is revealed to be a smoke grenade]
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