[The Chechen is meeting with the Scarecrow in a parking garage to discuss a drug deal]
The Chechen: [shows him an addict, who is hallucinating under the effects of fear toxin] Look what your drugs did to my customers.
The Scarecrow: [sitting in the shadow of the back of his van, which is surrounded by his men] Buyer beware. [gets up and moves forward into the light giving us our first sight of him] I told you my compound would take you places. I never said they'd be places that you wanted to go.
The Chechen: My business is repeat customers!
The Scarecrow: You don't like what I have to offer, then you can buy from someone else...assuming Batman left anyone to buy from.
[The Chechen's dogs start barking and everyone looks around]
The Chechen: My dogs are hungry!
[A figure that looks like Batman appears in the shadows]
The Chechen: Pity there's only one of you.
[But then more appear, with guns; the Chechen sets his dogs on one of them and a gun fight ensues]
The Scarecrow: That's not him. [sprays one of the fake "batmen" with his fear toxin, incapacitating him]
[The Tumbler crashes through the wall of the garage]
The Scarecrow: That's more like it.
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