Chicago quotes

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Amos Hart
Billy Flynn
Matron 'Mama' Morton
Roxie Hart
Velma Kelly

This dress makes me look like a Woolworths lamp shade. I'm not wearing this dress.

This is Chicago, kid. You can't beat fresh blood on the walls.

What's your talent; washing and drying?

When you came to me, I didn't ask if she was guilty, I didn't ask if she was innocent, I didn't ask if she was a drunk, a dope fiend. No, I asked, did you have five thousand dollars, and you told me yes, but you don't have five thousand dollars so I figure you are a dirty liar and I don't do deals with dirty liars!

You want some advice, well here's a piece of advice from me to you, lay off the caramels.

You wanted my advice, right? Well here it is. Don't forget Billy Flynn's number one client is... Billy Flynn.

You were mentioned in the paper today, in the back with the obituaries. 'Velma Kelly's trial has been post-poned indefinitely.' Seven words.

You're a free woman, Roxie Hart. And God save Illinois.