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Mr. Tinkles
Russian Kitty

[after seeing a dog bully a cat in a cartoon] Dogs rule.

Is the game afoot? [Calico haltingly confirms] WHY IS THE GAME AFOOT?!

[being interrogated by the dogs] I will tell you nothing! I may look cute and cuddly, but inside, granite!

I've changed my mind. Call me the Claw of Ling-Chow!

See you puppies later.

Where's my family?

I'm coming Buuuuutch!!!

I'm so fast! I can't see myself!

Holy Chihuahua!

Heel! That's the big button, and you don't just PRESS the big button.

HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?! You promised me a professional, and what did I get? A puppy! He's still has his you-know-whats for crying out loud!

Son of my mom!

Is the puppy alive or not?

When I rule the earth, you will be the first on my list.

The ninjas failed, and do I need to remind you that failiure is unacceptable?!