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Mr. Tinkles
Russian Kitty

'Dark Coud'? Is that what I'm calling my plan, 'Dark Cloud'?

Peek: That'll definitely get his attention.

Lou: I'm on to you kitty and you're in big trouble.
Russian Kitty: (deep Russian accent) I think not, baby puppy. It is you who is in trouble. [splits a container in half and slaps a gigantic lump of dog doo in the middle of the carpet] From Russia with love.
Lou: Uh-oh.

Mr. Tinkles: I want you to stay here.
Calico: Why?
Mr. Tinkles: Because I hate you.

Peek: Cut the red wire.
Butch: Wait a minute... we're dogs. WE'RE COLORBLIND!

Sam: Sir, request permission to pant heavily, sir!
Butch: Granted.

Heel! That's the big button, and you don't just PRESS the big button.

[after realising that breaking it down will cause commotion] Piece of junk, American door...

[after seeing a dog bully a cat in a cartoon] Dogs rule.

[battling Lou] You fight like a poodle.

[being interrogated by the dogs] I will tell you nothing! I may look cute and cuddly, but inside, granite!

[to Sophie, finally speaking] What's the matter, Large Marge? Cat got your tongue?

[various fuzzy images of him on a video recording] Hello? Hello? Is this on? Closer, closer! Turn the camera over! Where'd you come from? And about time too! Hello, my puny-minded, dog-faced-- what? Yes, it's on. Because I can see the red light blinking. Oh, start over.

At what point did you forget that WE'RE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!

BRAKE! GAS! GET OUT OF THE ROAD YOU LUNATIC!!! BRAKE! GAS! BRAKE! Oh, where did you guys get your license?