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"[During the credits]Well,i think the kids learn a lesson about safety.Except the Dead ones.Well,they learned it but didn't have time to implement it.Are we live?

(When Lothos has one Arm)We're Immortal.We can do anything

Buffy: I got a C-plus on the test, and he tells me, "You have no sense of history." I have no sense of history? He wears a brown tie!
Nicole: You got a C-plus? I can't believe I cheated off you.
Buffy: Excuse me for not knowing about El Salvador. Like I'm ever going to Spain anyway.

Merrick: Good Lord. What do you study in History?
Buffy: My nails.

Merrick: None of the other girls gave me this much trouble.
Buffy: And where are they now? Hel-lo-o!
Buffy: I've got something none of the other girls had.
Merrick: And what's that?
Buffy: My keen fashion sense.
Merrick: Oh... vampires of the world, beware.
Buffy:Oh,you made a Joke.Do you wanna lie down?I know it hurts the first time

Pike: C'mon, Lefty, you remember what happened the last time you messed with me.
Amilyn: Yeah, I do. [lifts Pike in the air by shirt collar]
Pike: Shit. [as Amilyn throws him across the parking lot]

[A vampire ex-student brags to Buffy.]
Buffy:We were Friends
Grueller: Now, I'm a god! [Pike stakes him]
Pike: And now, you're a coat rack.

[After the climactic vampire battle, Buffy tends to the fallen Pike.]
Buffy: Are you all right?
Pike: Well... I can't move my legs.
Buffy: Why?
Pike: Because you're sitting on them.
[Buffy helps up an in pain Pike.]
Pike:Wow, did I do all of that?
Pike:(sighing) Did you do all of that?

[Benny, now a vampire, is floating outside Pike's window.]
Benny: Let me in, Pike. I'm hungry.
Pike: You're floating! Get outta here!

[Buffy & friends plan a school dance.]
Nicole: Buff, I don't see why we have to invite every senior.
Buffy: Because it's the senior dance? It's just a shot in the dark.

[Buffy and her friends converse loudly in the movie theater.]
Benny: I can't believe these people. We paid money to see this.
Pike: No, we didn't.
Benny: Oh, yeah. But I still wanna know what happens!
Buffy: Everyone gets horribly killed except the blonde girl in the nightie, who finally kills the monster with a machete. But it's not really dead.
Jennifer: Oh, my God, is that true?
Buffy: Probably. What movie is this?
[Later: Buffy and her friends bump into the same two guys at a cafe.]
Pike: Hey, wait a minute...
Benny: You're the guys from the movie!
Pike: We hate you guys.

[Buffy and Pike are dancing.]
Pike: You know... you're not like other girls.
Buffy: Yes, I am. [puts her head on his shoulder]

[Buffy arrives at a school dance to find her boyfriend with another girl.]
Jeffery: Didn't you get my message?
Buffy: You broke up with my machine?!
Jeffery: You weren't home. Like always.

[Buffy faces the vampire lord Lothos.]
Lothos: You and I... are one.
Buffy: One what? Cute couple? I don't think so!
[Buffy brandishes a crucifix.]
Lothos:So this is your defense? Your puny faith? [he grasps the crucifix; it bursts into flame.]
Buffy: No. My keen fashion sense. [she pulls a can of hair spray out of her purse.]

[Buffy is confronted by the one-armed Amilyn.]
Amilyn: We're immortal, Buffy. We can do anything.
Buffy: Oh, yeah? Clap.