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Jeffrey 'The Dude' Lebowski
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The Stranger
Walter Sobchak

Answering Machine: Mr Lebowski, this is Bill Salinger of the Southern Cal bowling league. We received an, uh, an informal complaint that a member of your team - a Walter Sobchak? - drew a firearm during league play. If this is true, of course, it contravenes a number of the league's by-laws and also article 27...

Walter Sobchak: He's cracking.

Bunny: (To The Dude) I'll suck your **** for a thousand dollars

Sheriff of Malibu: (To The Dude) I don't like your jerk-off name, I don't like your jerk-off face, I don't like your jerk-off behavior, and I don't like you. Jerk-off.

Everything's a ****ing travesty with you, man!

Mind if I do a J?

(After being drugged) All the dude ever wanted... was his rug back.

(After he finds the Nihilists have set his car on fire) Well they finally did it, man...They killed my ****ing car.

Shit, I know that guy. He's a nihilist. Karl Hungus...

I've had a rough night and I hate the ****ing Eagles, man.

(Trying to find a comeback) Yeah, well, you know that's just, like uh ...your opinion, man.

And what the **** was all that about Vietnam, man!? What the **** does anything have to do with Vietnam!? What the **** are you talking about!?

**** sympathy. I don't need your ****in sympathy. I need my ****ing johnson!

[Responding to a rhetorical statement by Maude Lebowski about where the plot of the porno was going to lead] He fixes the cable?

[On the phone to Walter] Of course the car made it home, you're calling me at home. No, Walter, it did NOT look like Larry was about to crack! Well That's your perception. You know, you're right, Walter, there is an unspoken message here. It's [Shouting] "**** YOU, LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE!" [Calm, resigned] Yeah, I'll be at practice.