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Jim's Dad
Multiple Characters
Steve Stifler

She's gone! Oh my God, she used me. I was used. I was used! Cool!

We'll just tell your mother that... we ate it all.

I would like to make an announcement. There is a beautiful woman masturbating on my bed.

Vicky. Jessica. [walking away] Bitches!

She called me and asked for my number.

[to Jim] Now, do you know what a clitoris is?

Steve Stifler: You actually said that? [laughs hysterically]
Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: Shut up!
Jim: You did better than me Nova.
Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: Don't call me that any more. I'm a fraud.
Steve Stifler: You guys are pathetic. I'm gonna find myself a little hottie. [shouts] Suck me, beautiful!
[walks off, laughing]

[After watching Oz in choir practice]
Steve Stifler: What did you ****s do to him?
Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: You came to see me in action?
Jim: Yeah man, I thought you sounded really good!
Steve Stifler: Yeah man, I think you need your balls reattached!

Sherman! What the **** are you doing here?

Vicky: [whispers during exam] Kevin? Kevin?
Kevin: What?
Vicky: I wanna have sex.
Kevin: Now?! [loud voice attracts seatmates]
Vicky: Prom.