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Zorro, The Gay Blade

Zorro, The Gay Blade quotes

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View Quote Bunny Wigglesworth: They say the Navy makes men. Well, I'm living proof — they made me.
View Quote Bunny Zorro: Two bits, four bits / Six bits, a peso / All for Zorro / Stand up and say so!
View Quote Captain Esteban: Arrest that woman! Now!
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: No, wait! Isn't this the village square, where according to law, everyone is allowed to speak his or her mind?
Captain Esteban: You're right, Señorita. [yelling to the crowd] The woman is allowed to speak! But arrest anyone who listens.
. . .
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: [to the crowd] Let your voices be heard! Oppose the… greedy bloodsuckers!
[She drops her pamphlets. Diego picks them up and hands them to her.]
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: Thank you. I'm Charlotte Taylor Wilson. I'm with the People's Independence Committee.
Don Diego: Don Diego Vega. I'm with the… greedy bloodsuckers.
View Quote Captain Esteban: Your father, I'm sorry to say, had a terrible accident.
Don Diego: Accident?
Captain Esteban: Sí. He was out riding when his horse was frightened by a turtle.
. . .
Captain Esteban: My friend — I want you to know that the turtle who caused this has been executed.
View Quote Charlotte Taylor Wilson: Could you tell me where I might find a decent inn?
Don Diego: An inn?! With all your talk about the people, I see you like decent inns! And you wear expensive clothes, not the rags. And you smell of the sultry perfumes, not the… ship oil.
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: Ship oil? [pauses in puzzlement] You mean the oil from boats?
Don Diego: No, ship oil, from the ships in the field.
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: [slowly] What ships… in the field?
Don Diego: Jou have never heard of the ships in the field? The little, uh… baa-baa-baas?
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: Oh, you mean "sheep"!
Don Diego: Jes, that is what I said.
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: No, you said "ship"! Forgive me, but you have a very pronounced accent.
Don Diego: Jou're trying to change the subject from the fact that jou are actually… very wealthy.
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: I am not… very wealthy!
Don Diego: After all, what poor woman can afford three names? Answer me that if you can, Señorita [counting off on his fingers] Charlotte… Taylor… Wilson.
View Quote Charlotte Taylor Wilson: I have only one regret…
Diego Zorro: [to himself] One? I have one for every day I'm not going to live!
View Quote Diego Zorro: Now I know it is permitted for a man to be… bulnerable.
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: It's "vulnerable".
View Quote Diego Zorro: Spread the news… that he is back! To help the helpless! To befriend the friendless! And to defeat… the feetless!
View Quote Don Diego: I do not wish to insult you, my dear Garcia, but I could fight four men such as you!
Don Garcia: You are quite right, Don Diego.
Don Diego: You see?
Don Garcia: That is why I brought my FIVE BROTHERS!
View Quote Don Diego: That is, uh, my servant, Paco. He is a mute. He cannot speak.
Captain Esteban: Oh, excellent! Perhaps he can give lessons to my wife.
View Quote Don Diego: The peoples are quite happy working the land for the caballeros!
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: You don't really believe the people are happy!
Don Diego: [quietly] All I know is the soldiers are very happy shooting the peoples who say the peoples are not happy.
View Quote Don Diego: What jou like for a wedding present?
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: For myself, nothing. But I thought for the people, you might donate your land.
Don Diego: I give my land to the peoples? If we give away my land, where you think we gonna live?
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: Boston!
Don Diego: Boston?!
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: It's really the only civilized city. The best food, the best art, the best music!
Don Diego: The best music. You gotta be joking! I spent a week in Boston once, and I don't think I heard a decent Mariachi player in the city!
View Quote Florinda: Isn't he marvelous?
Don Fernando: He wears clothes well. I could never get into his pants.
Florinda: I bet I could.
View Quote Guard: … you are sentenced to be executed… until you are dead!
View Quote [A flamboyant stranger presents himself at Don Diego's home.]
Don Diego: I know you?
Bunny Wigglesworth: Know me? Sink me! We were once… womb-mates!