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George Papas quotes

View Quote [to Christina and Kathleen Kelly] As far as I'm concerned, the Internet is just another way to be rejected by a woman.
View Quote [to Christina and Kathleen Kelly] This place is a tomb. I'm going to the nutshop where it's fun.
View Quote Kathleen Kelly: I'm not nothing, I have a little money saved.
Birdie Conrad: If you need more, ask me. I'm very rich, I bought Intel at 6!
View Quote Kevin: The electrical contractor called, his truck hit a deer last night, so he's not gonna be here until tomorrow. And the upstairs shelves are delayed because the shipment of pine we ordered has beetles.
Joe Fox: Very good, *very* good.
Kevin: And we got a 50,000 dollar ticket for construction workers peeing off the roof.
Joe Fox: Great, that is great. Is the electrician here today?
View Quote Joe Fox: I'm sure you must be late for something - volunteering at the Henry Street Settlement, or rolling bandages for Bosnian Refugees.
Gillian Quinn: Actually, I'm having my eggs harvested.
Joe Fox: And getting those eggs harvested.
View Quote Nelson Fox: Perfect. Keep those West Side, liberal, nuts, pseudo- intellectuals...
Joe Fox: Readers, Dad, they're called readers.
Nelson Fox: Don't do that son, don't romanticize them.
View Quote Kathleen Kelly: The truth is, he was the one who made me start thinking about writing --
Joe Fox: Mister 152 Felony Indictments --
Kathleen Kelly: Mister 152... insights into my soul.
Joe Fox: Yeah. Well. Can't compete with that.
Kathleen Kelly: Well. I keep bumping into you. Hope your mango's ripe.
Joe Fox: I think it is.
View Quote Frank Navasky: Technology! Name me one thing, one that we've gained from technology.
Kathleen Kelly: Electricity.
Frank Navasky: That's one. You think this machine's your friend, but it's not.
View Quote Frank Navasky: She fell in love with Generalissimo Franco?!
Kathleen Kelly: Don't say that...really, we don't know that.
Frank Navasky: Who else could it have been?! It was probably around 1960 --
Kathleen Kelly: Do you want some popcorn?
Frank Navasky: I can't believe this! I mean it's not like he was something normal like a socialist or an anarchist or something...
Kathleen Kelly: It happened in Spain. People do really stupid things in foreign countries.
Frank Navasky: Absolutely! They buy leather jackets for much more than they're worth, but they don't fall in love with fascist dictators.
View Quote Christina: You are so lucky.
George: You could be dead.
Kathleen Kelly: Are you crazy? This man couldn't possibly be the rooftop killer.
Christina: Remember when you thought Frank might be the Unabomber?
Kathleen Kelly: That was different.
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