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Your Name

Your Name quotes

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Hitoha Miyamizu
Mitsuha Miyamizu
Taki Tachibana

View Quote Toshiki: [angrily] I loved Futaba. Not Miyamizu Shrine.
View Quote Mitsuha: He said sorry for breaking your bike!
Tessie: You best explain everything to me later. It's coming down!
Mitsuha: Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.
Tessie: Then I guess we have no choice. [with an insane glint in his eyes] We're both criminals.
View Quote Mitsuha: It's really you.
Taki: I came to see you. It wasn't easy because you were so far away.
Mitsuha: But how? At that moment, I...
Taki: I drank your kuchikamisake.
Mitsuha: You drank that? Pervert! And you touched my boobs!
Taki: How do you know that?
Mitsuha: Yotsuha saw it.
Taki: Oh! Sorry, I couldn't help it! It was just once.
Mitsuha: Just once? Doesn't matter how many times! Jerk.
View Quote Mitsuha: It's tonight! There's still time.
Hitoha: Good morning, Mitsuha. Oh, you're not Mitsuha, are you?
Mitsuha: You knew?
Hitoha: No, but the way you behaved brought back strange memories. I've had strange dreams. But I can't remember them anymore. Dreams fade away. Your mother and I all had the same dreams.
Mitsuha: Listen, grandma, a comet will strike Itomori and everyone will die!
View Quote Sayaka: Hey, Tessie? What are you going to do when you graduate?
Tessie: What's this? Asking about my future?
View Quote Sayaka: Trains come every 2 hours.
Mitsuha: The store closes at 9PM.
Sayaka: No bookstore. No dentist.
Mitsuha: But two pubs for some reason.
Sayaka: No jobs.
Mitsuha: No marriage.
Sayaka: Short daylight hours.
Tessie: Give me a break!
View Quote Taki: Excuse Me!
Mitsuha: [gasps]
Taki: Haven't we...have I...met you somewhere?
Mitsuha: [pauses] I thought so, too!
Both: Could I ask you...your name?
View Quote Tessie: What's the matter?
Mitsuha: I can't remember his name!
Tessie: [angrily] Listen, you're the one that started this all!
View Quote Yotsuha: Grandma, why is the body of our shrine so far out here?
Hitoha: I don't know, because of Mayugoro.
Taki (in Mitsuha's body): Who's that?
Yotsuha: You don't know? He's famous!
View Quote thing is certain. If we see each other, we'll know. That you were the one who was inside me. That I was the one who was inside you.
View Quote I can never remember the dream I must have had.
View Quote I'm not sure if I'm searching for a person or a place, or if I'm just searching for a job.
View Quote It was like a scene from a dream.
View Quote It's the edge of the next world.
View Quote Nothing more... nothing less... than a beautiful view.