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Your Friend the Rat

Your Friend the Rat quotes

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View Quote Song Lyrics[edit] Emile: Key of G fellas, and swing it.
Remy and Emile: We'll follow you to Mars, or wherever you people go!
Rat: We rats are right there down below!
Remy and Emile: We've traveled near and far, with Swamis, Geshesias, Thugs, and Czars, in planes and boats, and submarines. We've sailed from Liverpool to Queens, we're even in Qatar, or wherever you people go! We all adore Francois Truffaut! Abandon musophobia and embrace a new utopia!
Emile: Butterflies and puppy dogs, summer evenings, crispy frogs!
Remy and Emile: Imagine if you will a world where women, rats, and men and children lived in peace and harmony, we're even holding hands. We're dancing through the streets and singing cabaret songs, Ooh la la la! Join with us, we'll make a human ratty wonderland! We'll help you tie your shoes if you don't feel like bending over, and perhaps you'll take that trap from out behind the pantry door! We'll say, 'Bonjour!' and 'How's the family?', when we pass each other on the street, and just like that, we won't be strangers anymore! So here we go to Mars, with our stories intertwined, and although once you tried to kill us, now we know that you won't mind. We'll journey through the stars and whatever else may be!
Remy: We all hate that lousy flea!
Emile: (solo)That lousy fleeeeeeeaa!! (crushes a flea with his foot)
Remy: So, what did you say, can we make piece and…?