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View Quote Blane Youngblood: You can learn to punch in the barn, but you gotta learn to survive on the ice.
View Quote Kelly Youngblood: [walks into barn and sees Dean standing in front of a punching bag] Just hit it, pillowhands. Don't worry, it's not gonna hit you back.
View Quote Derek Sutton: Stay on sides, Youngblood.
Dean Youngblood: Pass the puck!
Derek Sutton: Don't tell me when to pass the puck.
Dean Youngblood: You want me to slow down for ya?
View Quote Duane Hewitt: Fast legs, slow fists.
Dean Youngblood: [about Racki] The guy suckered me.
Duane Hewitt: Oh, poor baby. Hey, maybe next time we can send you a telegram: get ready for the right hook.
View Quote Kelly Youngblood: Don't take any shit from them Canucks. To them, you're just another w**back, crossing the border to play their game.
Dean Youngblood: They'll never catch me!
Kelly Youngblood: Oh, they'll catch you.
View Quote Murray Chadwick: Where'd you get these guys from, Ray? Mexico?
Ray: We're only looking for one player.
Murray Chadwick: Like that sorry son of a bitch who just tripped over the blueline?
View Quote [to Youngblood] Wanna go, pretty boy?
View Quote All right, one period left. One period away from winning it all or losing to these miserable hackers with their shit-eating grins and their Saturday night wrestling tactics. One period away from remembering something for the rest of your life or something you wanna forget.
View Quote Hey, go hump your Saint Bernard, s****-nuts.
View Quote I don't give a shit where I play as long as I go number one in the draft and I sign the biggest contract I can. I've been busting my ass in this league for four years, and I'm gonna get what's coming to me.
View Quote I think all hockey players should know how to read and write.
View Quote The only thing better than a glass of beer, is tea with Miss McGill!
View Quote To the game and getting out of this hick town! Thank God there is a sport for middle-sized white boys.
View Quote Where else could I get beaten up every day, treated like shit by prima donna Canadians and get my nuts shaved?