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[the Senate Armed Services Committee hears out Bolivar Trask]
Senator Brickman: We are reviewing our defense expenditures, and all the black books are being opened. We can't support a weapon that targets our own citizens. If these Mutants as you describe are already living among us, then they are living here peacefully.
Senator Parker: We haven't had an incident in over ten years.
Senator Davis: After what happened in Cuba!
Parker: It was never confirmed. [Addressing Trask] We have very real enemies out there. The Russians, the Chinese.
Brickman: We are talking about a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of our population.
Dr. Bolivar Trask: Allow me to read something to you.
Brickman: Please.
Trask: This was acquired from our friends in the CIA. [Opening a folder] It's a dissertation written by a mutant at Oxford University and I quote: "To Homo Neanderthalensis, his mutant cousin: Homo Sapiens," which is us, "was an aberration. The arrival of the mutated human species, Homo Sapiens, was followed by the immediate extinction of their less evolved kin." [Closes the folder] Well, now we are the Neanderthal.
Brickman: Speak for yourself, Dr. Trask. [Members of Congress laugh quietly]
Trask: [Warning Congress] You know, when you sent our soldiers to Vietnam without the weapons they needed to win the war, you underestimated your enemy. You do that with this enemy and it won't be some border skirmish halfway around the world. This time, the war will be for our streets, our cities, our homes. By the time you see the need for my program, it'll be too late and you'll have lost two wars in one lifetime.
Brickman: [Believing Trask is insane and paranoid] We're sorry Dr. Trask, but your Sentinel Program…it ain't going to fly!

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