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[Charles and Alex visit Moira]
Moira MacTaggert: Ever since the world found out about mutants in '73, there have been cults who see them as some kind of second coming or a sign of God. I was tracking one of them, they call themselves "Ashir En Sabah Nur". Named after an ancient being they believe to be the world's first.
Alex: "World's first..." what?
Moira: The world's first mutant.
Alex: I thought mutants didn't evolve till this century.
Moira: That's the common theory, yes, but these guys believe that the first mutant was born tens-of-thousands of years ago and they believe he will rise again. [shows the evidence] They've been searching ancient sites all around the world for clues. These hieroglyphs describe the specific set of powers greater than any man can possess.
Professor Charles Xavier: Do you think he lived in all that time?
Moira: Yes and no. They believe that he had the ability to transfer his consciousness from body to body and whenever he was close to death, he would just take on a new body. Some of these made with the bodies of mutants, enabling him to take their powers amassing various abilities over the years.
Charles: An all-powerful mutant?
Moira: Exactly. And wherever this being was, [shows the picture of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse] he always had four principle followers, disciples, protectors he would imbue with powers.
Alex: Like "the four horsemen... of the Apocalypse?" He got that one from the Bible?
Moira: Or the Bible got it from him? And wherever he ruled, eventually it would end in disaster. Cataclysm, some kind of... "Apocalypse".
Charles: The end of the world.

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