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Young Cathy: You're so handsome when you smile...Don't you know that you're handsome? Do you know what I've always told Ellen? That you're a prince in disguise...I said your father was the Emperor of China. Your mother an Indian queen. And it's true Heathcliff. You were kidnapped by wicked sailors and brought to England. But I'm glad they did. Because I've always wanted to know somebody of noble birth.
Young Heathcliff: All the princes I ever read about had castles.
Young Cathy: Of course, they captured them. You must capture one too. [Cathy points up at Peniston Crag] There's a beautiful castle that lies waiting for your lance, Sir Prince.
Young Heathcliff: You mean Peniston Crag?
Young Cathy: Yes.
Young Heathcliff: Aw, that's just a rock.
Young Cathy: If you can't see that that's a castle, you'll never be a prince, Heathcliff. Here, take your lance and charge. [She hands him the riding whip] See that black knight waiting at the drawbridge - Challenge him! Now charge... [After a make-believe struggle] Heathcliff! You killed him. You killed him. You killed the black knight.
Young Heathcliff: He deserved it, for all his wicked deeds.
Young Cathy: Oh it's a wonderful castle. Heathcliff, let's never leave it.
Young Heathcliff: Never in our lives. Let all the world confess, that there is not in all the world a more beautiful damsel than the Princess Catherine of Yorkshire.
Young Cathy: [She curtsies down to serve him] But I - I'm still your slave.
Young Heathcliff: No Cathy. I now make you my queen. Whatever happens out there, here, you will always be my queen.

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