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The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man quotes

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Alfred Hitchcock
Lt. Bowers

View Quote Lt. Bowers: How do you explain it?
Manny Balestrero: I made a mistake.
Lt. Bowers: And so did the hold up man. And it happens to be the same mistake.
View Quote Lt. Bowers: Is your name Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero?
Manny Balestrero: Yes, it is.
Lt. Bowers: I want to speak with you. We're police officers.
Manny Balestrero: What about?
Lt. Bowers: We'd like you to come down to the precinct and help us out a little.
View Quote Manny Balestrero: Tell you what we'll do. This evening, we'll take time for music lessons. Bob'll have a lesson on the piano and Greg on the harmonica.
Gregory Balestrero: Mine first!
Manny Balestrero: Each lesson will be fifteen minutes, and Greg's... [phone rings. He picks it up] Hello...? Hello, Mother.
View Quote Robert Balestrero: It says here Mozart wrote it when he was 5. So I should be able to play it, I'm 8.
Gregory Balestrero: I'm 5, so I should be able to write it.
View Quote An innocent man has nothing to fear, remember that.
View Quote This is Alfred Hitch**** speaking. In the past, I have given you many kinds of suspense pictures. But this time, I would like you to see a different one. The difference lies in the fact that this is a true story, every word of it. And yet it contains elements that are stranger than all the fiction that has gone into many of the thrillers that I've made before.