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Written on the Wind

Written on the Wind quotes

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Kyle Hadley
Lucy Moore Hadley
Marylee Hadley
Mitch Wayne

[to Mitch] You do care about me, don't you?

He [his father] wanted me to grow up with Mitch...Mitch's old man is my dad's boyhood pal -- his idol, I guess. A small rancher -- kind of a legend in our country. A great hunter, sort of a throwback to Daniel Boone. I used to wish he was my father...Dad's a big man -- so big that he and I know I can't fit his shoes, or even come close to him.

I can think of much better things than making small talk.

I'm allergic to politeness.

I'm in love with a woman that happens to be Kyle's wife...Strictly one-sided.

It's easy to talk like this when you're 6,000 feet above the big poker table...Down there, I'm a guy with too many chips. I throw 'em up in the air and a few land on my shoulders. Hellfire, they'd be disappointed if I didn't behave like a playboy -- didn't end up like my uncle.

Lucy, you decent? Lucy, are you dec---? [realizing she has left] I guess she was.

Me and my darling sister - we pushed Dad down the stairs.

Mitch Wayne was there - in the study with my brother. Kyle had a gun in his hand. He was raving mad, raving about things that weren't so. Mitch tried to talk to him, to make him understand how wrong he was, to stop him from using the gun. Afraid he might even use it on himself. I made a grab for the gun. Kyle and I struggled. The gun went off....Whatever he may have said, means nothing. Except he was worried about Kyle, as a brother for a brother...(Kyle)...was depressed by Father's sudden death and he'd been drinking...My brother always drank too much. He was sad, the saddest of us all. He needed so much and had so little.

My sidekick...He's eccentric. He's poor...Mitch is just a country boy. The kind of assets he's got you can't buy with money.

Somebody just stole my magic dancing slippers.

Somebody tried to kill me...My best friend.