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William: You must tell me, Thomasin. Tomorrow, I cannot keep secret of this. A council will be called and thy life is...Thy life...
Thomasin: You will not believe me?
William: I saw the Serpent in my son. You stopped their prayer...
Thomasin: They lie.
William: I saw it. Caleb disappeared with thee!
Thomasin: I love Caleb!
William: And who then found him, pale as death, naked as sin and witched? Thomasin, listen to me. The bargain thou hast made is of no effect.
Thomasin: I made no bargain.
William: Thy soul belongeth to Christ.
Thomasin: I made no bargain.
William: The Devil hath no interest in thee!
Thomasin: I am no witch, father!
William: What did I but see in my house?
Thomasin: Will you not hear me?
William: I prithee, confess...Why have you turned against me? Christ can unwitch us if you will but speak the truth to me. As I love thee, speak truth!
Thomasin: You ask me to speak truth?
William: I beg thee!
Thomasin: You and Mother are planned to rid the farm of me. Aye. I heard you speak of it. Is that truth? You took of Mothers cup and let her rail at me. You confessed not till it was too late. Is that truth?
William: Peace thee.
Thomasin: I will not.
William: I am thy father!
Thomasin: You are a hypocrite!
William: Hold thy tongue, daughter mine!
Thomasin: You took Caleb to the Wood and let me take the blame of that too. Is that truth? You let Mother be as thy master! You cannot bring the crops to yield! You cannot hunt! Is that truth enough?!
William: Enough!
Thomasin: Thou canst do nothing save cut wood!
William: Bitch!
Thomasin: And you will not hear me!
William: Must I hear the Devil wag his tongue in thy mouth?!
Thomasin: Ask the twins then. Go and ask them. They spend all day long babbling to that horned beast. They know well his voice. Go to! The Adversary oft comes in the shape of a he-goat. And whispers. Aye, whispers. He is Lucifer, you know it. The twins know it.
William: Slander thy brethren no more.
Thomasin: It is they!
William: From my sight.
Thomasin: 'Twas they and that goat what bewitched this whole farm.
William: Lies!
Thomasin: Wast a wolf stole Sam? I never saw no wolf. Mercy told me herself by the stream I be the Witch of the Wood!
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