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Thomasin: Why is it when thou dost a wrong, I be a-washing Fathers clothes like a slave, and thou art playing idle?
Mercy: Because Mother hates you!
Thomasin: Spoilt child.
Mercy: I'll tell Mother you have left the farm alone. Black Phillip saith I can do what I like.
Thomasin: Devil take your Black Phillip.
Mercy: It's your fault I cannot leave the yard. I could go to the brook before you let The Witch take Sam.
Thomasin: Quiet thee.
Caleb: It was a wolf stole Sam.
Mercy: A witch. I've seen her in her riding cloak about the Wood!
caleb: Father showed me the tracks.
Mercy: It was a witch!
Thomasin: It was a witch, Mercy. You speak aright.
Caleb: Thomasin!
Thomasin: It was I!
Mercy: Liar.
Thomasin: [walking gradually toward her sister] Twas I what stole him. I be the Witch of the Wood.
Mercy: Liar! Liar!
Thomasin: I am.
Caleb: List' not to her, Mercy.
Thomasin: I am that very witch. When I sleep my spirit slips away from my body and dances naked with The Devil. That's how I signed his book.
Mercy: No!
Thomasin: He bade me bring him an unbaptized babe, so I stole Sam, and I gave him to my master. And I'll make any man or thing else vanish I like.
Mercy: No.
Thomasin: Aye. And Ill vanish thee too if thou displeaseth me.
Mercy: Be quiet.
Cableb: Mercy, she's but telling fantasies.
Thomasin: Perchance I'll boil and bake thee since we are lack of food.
Mercy: Stop!
Caleb: Stop Thomasin.
Mercy: Its not true!
Thomasin: It is, thou thing! How I crave to sink my teeth into thy pink flesh. If ever thou tellst thy mother of this, I will witch thee and thy mother!
Caleb: And Jonas too!
Mercy: Caleb!
Thomasin: Stop thy tears and swear thy silence.
Mercy: I swear it.
Thomasin: You will not tell Mother nor Father!
Mercy: I swear!
Caleb: Thomasin, let her alone!
Mercy: [running away] Get away from her Caleb or she'll witch thee!
Caleb: Why tell Mercy those horrible fancies?
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