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Heather Langenkamp: Well at least tell me what it's about so far.
Wes Craven: I can tell you what the nightmares are about. They're about this...entity. Whatever you want to call it. It's old, very old, and it's taken different forms in different times. The only thing that stays the same about it is what it lives for.
Heather Langenkamp: What's that?
Wes Craven: Killing innocence, one way or the other.
Heather Langenkamp: This is still a script we're talking about, right?
Wes Craven: I think of it as sort of a nightmare in progress.
Heather Langenkamp: Then, in this nightmare in progress, does this thing have any weaknesses?
Wes Craven: It can be captured, sometimes.
Heather Langenkamp: Captured? How?
Wes Craven: By storytellers, of all things. Every so often, they imagine a story good enough to catch its essence. Then it's held prisoner for a while. In the story.
Heather Langenkamp: Like the Genie in the bottle.
Wes Craven: Exactly. [pause] The problem comes when the story dies. It happens a lot of different ways, the story gets too familiar, or too watered down by people trying to make it easier to sell, or it's labeled a threat to society and just plain banned. However it happens, when the story dies, the evil is set free.
Heather Langenkamp: You saying Freddy's this ancient thing?
Wes Craven: Current version. For ten years he's been imprisoned as Freddy by the story of Nightmare on Elm Street. But now that the films have stopped - The genie's out of the bottle, Heather, that's what the nightmares are about. That's what I'm writing.

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