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Cecilia: (sobbing and her hat fly away)
Louie: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hit the breaks! I gotta land a minute.
[Cecilia stopped crying, she see Louie wear's her hat and Elsa appears]
Elsa: Hello.
[Cecilia screamed]
Louie: [he fell] Hey, hey, hey, don't panic, I'm a good guy.
Cecilia: Who are you!? And What's that!?
Louie: Hey, Babe. I'm Louie. That there is a friend of mine. I got..[Cecilia door shut offscreen]
Cecilia: (sobbing)
Louie: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. Why are you crying?
Cecilia: I AM NOT CRYING! (gasped)
Louie: Huh?
Elsa: Aw.
Louie: Back off, back off. You're foggin' the glass. Come on, Big Eyes, you're killing me. What's a matter?
Cecilia: It's Thanksgiving.
Louie: So, what's there to cry about? You don't like Turkey?
Cecilia: No, It's my parents.
Louie: What about your parents? Do they beat you? [he bumped a music toy] Oh!
Cecilia: No, they're just never around. It's Thanksgiving, and they're off doing other things. You see, my father's very business, and my mother's very social.
Louie: The name's Louie. What's yours?
Cecilia: Cecilia Nuthatch.
Louie: Well, Cecilia Nuthatch, you should've had my mother slobbering kisses all over me, in public! I had to make tracks, so you know what I'm doing?
Cecilia: No. What?
Louie: I'm running away to the Circus.
Cecilia: You are?
Louie: I am! What are you say you throw this hat away and come fly with me?
[Cecilia looking and grabbed photo, her parents on a picture with the words, "Wish you were here!" and she feel sad and looked around to the living room, desktop, and bedroom. Thanksgiving picture with sad Cecilia picture on the middle seat]
Louie: [chuckles]
Cecilia: Alright, I will!
[Cecilia throws a hat will flying away to the city, A little girl named, Sasha. Sasha look a Thanksgiving hat and she asked mom and she felt sad and shocked look a Thanksgiving hat on her head and she smiled]

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