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Jeremy: (with sleeping bag) Happy birthday. Can't let a little pissing and moaning break tradition.
John: Alright, it's today.
Jeremy: See you've been getting into a little light reading.
John: It's not mine, I bought that for a friend.
Jeremy: Yeah. So how ya been?
John: Great, really spectacular.
Jeremy: Well good. What have you been up to?
John: Ya, you know, this and that. Crashing weddings.
Jeremy: Alone?
John: No, not alone.
Jeremy: Well, who have you been crashing with then?
John: Chazz.
Jeremy: Chazz?
John: Chazz.
Jeremy: John, you don't even know Chazz. Don't st--
John: Yes, I do. He's a great guy. We've been having a ball together.
Jeremy: Alright look. I wanted to come by here and, and tell you I really feel bad about everything that's happened between us. Your friendship means a lot to me. I miss seeing ya.
John: I know, I--look I'm, I'm happy for you. I'm glad you found someone.
Jeremy: I can't tell you how glad it makes me to hear you say that man. Get on in here, let the big bear get his paws on ya (hugs him). You know I love you. It's good to see you.
John: It's good to see you.
Jeremy: Are you sure you've been okay, this does not look like a guy who's been okay.
John: Ahh, I know. Looks like a pig sty.
Jeremy: Like a mosh pit in here. Listen, I'm getting married.
John: Get out.
Jeremy: What? You just sat there and said you were happy for me that I'm--
John: I'm hanging by a thread. I'm reading "don't kill myself" books.
Jeremy: You said that the book wasn't your's.
John: Don't worry about the book. It isn't mine, but I glanced at it.
Jeremy: John, you've been my friend for 16 years. I'm getting married. I need you there to be my best man.
John: Kindly leave!
Jeremy: I'm trying--
John: Kindly leave.
Jeremy: Mean a lot to me if you came.
John: Oh, I bet it would! Hillbilly!
Jeremy: What?!
John: White trash!
Jeremy: What are you talking about?
John: Out. Out.
Jeremy: You better get your ass to that wedding.
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