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We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin quotes

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View Quote [Eva walks into the dining room, pleased to see that Kevin has changed into clothes more appropriate for his age, but then he turns around with a humorless grin and her mouth drops open in disgust when she sees that he is gnawing on a whole chicken, getting it all over his face]
Eva: We're going to dinner.
Kevin: I was hungry. I'm a growing boy, you know.
Eva: Why would you have something like that?
Kevin: I collect them.
Eva: Isn't that a weird thing to collect?
Kevin: I don't like stamps.
Eva: But, what's the point?
Kevin: There is no point. That's the point.
Franklin: So, Kev, erm... Mom had something that she wanted to tell you.
Eva: [looks appalled and despite her efforts she finds that this time, she is unable to fake any sort of love towards Kevin] I wanted to... thank you for calling the ambulance.
Kevin: Hmm.
Franklin: ...And?
Eva: And... I was concerned... that you might be feeling responsible.
Kevin: Why's that?
Eva: [on the verge of snapping] Because you were SUPPOSED to be looking after her!
Franklin: We just don't want you to blame yourself.
Kevin: No, I don't... I mean I... I never said I did.
Eva: She's going to need a glass eye, Kevin.
Franklin: So, we would appreciate you looking out for her. Any name-calling--
Kevin: [peeling a lychee] You don't really remember being a kid much, do you, Dad? Celia's just gonna have to suck it up.
Eva: I thought you didn't like those.
Kevin: Yeah, well, they're uh... What do you call it? [eats a lychee to his mouth] An acquired taste.
[Eva storms out of the table while Kevin is still eating the lychee]