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View Quote British artillery commander: Sir, Napoleon has ventured within range. May I have your permission to try a shot?
Wellington: [stares at him a moment] Certainly not! Leaders of armies have better things to do than fire at each other.
View Quote [after a cannon shot has landed near the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Uxbridge]
Uxbridge: By God sir, I've lost my leg.
Wellington: By God sir, so you have.
View Quote [as the Old Guard advances]
Officer: Sire! The Prussians are in the woods! Blucher is in the woods!
Napoleon: If I made one mistake in my life, I should have burned Berlin.
Blucher: Raise high ze black flags my children! No pity! No prisoners! I'll shoot anyone who has pity in him! Forward!
View Quote [to a trumpeter, trying fruitlessly to recall the British cavalry] Stop that useless noise...! You'll hurt yourself.
View Quote Give me night, or give me Blücher.
View Quote I am France, and France is me!
View Quote I can't believe my ears. You all stand before me, waving a piece of paper, crying 'abdicate, abdicate!' I WILL NOT! I WILL NOT, NOT, NOT!
View Quote I've been in this position before at the Battle of Marengo. I lost the battle at five o'clock, but I won it back again at seven!
View Quote Next to a battle lost, there's nothing so melancholy as a battle won.
View Quote [attempting to rally the Imperial Guard] Up to them. Up to them! Do I fight alone? Are you French? Fight with me! Are you the Guard? Stand with me! Do you know me? I am Ney! Ney, Marshal of France!
View Quote [launching his attack on the French right] Raise high the black flags, children. No pity. No prisoners. I'll shoot any man I see with pity in him. Forward!