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[Bobby Boucher and Vicki are ready to drive off in his JUST MARRIED lawnmower, but a car suddenly stops in front of them and a seemingly ****ed man appears]
Roberto: Bobby? It's me! Your dad! Roberto!
Bobby Boucher: Dad?
Roberto: You know, I've seen you on the ESPN, when they was talkin' about you bein' drafted by the NFL.
Bobby: I'm not going to the NFL. I'm gonna stay in school and graduate.
Roberto: The hell with school, dopey! Take the money! You and me can be partners! Just like that Tiger Woods and his dad! [as he sees Mama bolting towards him in rage] Uh-oh.
[Mama decks Roberto out of revenge for abandoning both her and Bobby years ago. The crowd cheers to this]
Bobby Boucher: Nice hit, Mama!
Mama Boucher: Thanks, baby. Now go on, have fun becomin' a man.
(Bobby wakes up the next morning in the hospital just as Mama Boucher wakes from her “coma”.) Bobby Boucher: Mama! Oh, Thank God you’re all right!! I’m so sorry Mama! Mama: Oh there now, hush. I should’ve shown this to you a long ago. (Mama hands Bobby her photo album and sees picture of a James Dean type next to his mama at a younger age) Bobby: Oh my word. Is that my daddy? Mama: Nah. Nah, that was the guy before I ever met your father. You can a iron on a shirt on his stomach. Hell, that was lust, not love. Turn the page. (Bobby, with a puzzled look, turns the page to see...a cross eyed brain dead looking Cajun man) Mama: THERE’S your daddy. Bobby:Oooooohhhhh.....
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