N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

View Quote Sally: Hello?
Hollis: Sally.
Sally: [surprised] Hollis?
Hollis: Yeah.
Sally: [laughs] Yes, Hollis Mason, Jesus! All this time you've had my number, and you wait until our sunset year to use it?
Hollis: Well, it seemed like a special occasion, Sal.
Sally: What?
Hollis: The TV is reporting - there was a tenement fire last night. There were trapped people, rescued by airship... And, uh, they say the pilot was, uh, dressed like an owl. And it seems he had a sexy woman with him.
Sally: [surprised] Laurie? My daughter, Laurie? [Hollis chuckles] I can't get over Laurie back in costume! Maybe she'll finally thank me for getting her started in the first place!
Hollis: [laughs] You know, Sal... From the sound of your voice, you're sounding younger than ever.
Sally: Oh, well bless you, Hollis... But that's probably just senility.
[Someone knocks on the door]
Hollis: Well,it's been great talking with you, Sal.. But, uh, someone's knockin'.
Sally: Well, don't get too misty-eyed, thinking about old times. [they chuckle] You take care now, Hollis.
Hollis: You too.
View Quote The Comedian: Goddamn, I love working on American soil, Dan. Ain't had this much fun since Woodward and Bernstein.
Nite Owl II: How long can we keep this up?
The Comedian: Congress is pushing through some new bill that's gonna outlaw masks. Our days are numbered. Till then, it's like you always say: we're society's only protection.
Nite Owl II: From what?
The Comedian: You kidding me? From themselves. [aiming at a rioter] Son of a bitch.
Nite Owl II: No, Comedian, WAIT! [grabs his arm, too late to stop him shooting the rioter]
The Comedian: Get your stinking hands off me.
Nite Owl II: We were supposed to make the world a better place! What the hell happened to us? What happened to the American dream?
The Comedian: "What happened to the American Dream"? It came true! You're looking at it!
View Quote The Comedian: This is all bullshit.
Ozymandias: You know, for a guy who calls himself "The Comedian", I can never tell when you're joking.
The Comedian: "Watchmen". That's the real joke. It didn't work fifteen years ago, it sure as hell ain't gonna work now just 'cause you wanna keep playing Cowboys and Indians.
Nite Owl II: Maybe we should agree on "no drinking at meetings"? [Comedian snorts] Look, Rorschach and I have made real headway on the gang problem by working together.
Rorschach: With a group this size, it seems like a publicity stunt. [pointedly] Not in it for the ink.
Ozymandias: We can do so much more. We can save this world. [the Comedian scoffs; Ozymandias looks at him pointedly] With the right leadership.
The Comedian: And that'd be you, right, Ozzy? I mean, hell, you're the smartest man on the planet.
Ozymandias: It doesn't take a genius to see the world has problems.
The Comedian: Yeah, but it takes a room full of morons to think they're small enough for you to handle. You people, you hear Moloch's back in town, you get your panties all in a bunch... You think catching him matters?
Rorschach: [steps forward, angrily] Justice matters! [Nite Owl stops him]
The Comedian: [laughs] Justice? Justice is coming for all of us, no matter what the **** we do. You know, mankind's been trying to kill each other off since the beginning of time; now, we finally have the power to finish the job. Ain't nothing gonna matter once those nukes start flying, we'll all be dust. [sets light to a display of the United States] And Ozymandias here will be the smartest man on the cinder. [walks away, laughing]
View Quote [After The Comedian shoots a pregnant Vietnamese girl for slicing him with a broken bottle]
Doctor Manhattan: She was pregnant, and you gunned her down.
The Comedian: Yeah, well you know what, you watched me do it. You could have turned the gun into steam, the bullets into mercury, the bottle into goddamn snowflakes, but you didn't, did you? You really don't give a damn about human beings. You're drifting out of touch, Doc. God help us all.
View Quote [Outside of Karnak; Dr. Manhattan confronts Rorschach before he can leave]
Rorschach: Out of my way. People have to be told!
Doctor Manhattan: You know I can't let you do that.
Rorschach: Suddenly, you discover humanity. Convenient. [takes off mask] If you had cared from the start, none of this would have happened.
Doctor Manhattan: I can change almost anything. But I can't change human nature.
Rorschach: Of course you must protect Veidt's new utopia. What's one more body amongst the foundations? [pause] Well, what are you waiting for? Do it. [Manhattan hesitates] DO IT!
[Dr. Manhattan raises his hand and kills Rorschach]
Nite Owl: [horrified] NO!!!
View Quote [Rorschach enters Doctor Manhattan's lab]
Doctor Manhattan: [continuing his work unfazed] Good evening, Rorschach.
Rorschach: Doctor Manhattan. You know why I'm here.
Doctor Manhattan: Yes... [powers up device] but you're going to leave disappointed.
Laurie: Rorschach! [enters room] You shouldn't be here, you're a wanted man.
Rorschach: Nice to see you too, Silk Spectre.
Laurie: I have a real name I've been using a couple years now. Try it.
Rorschach: Whatever you say... Laurie.
Laurie: What are you doing here?
Doctor Manhattan: The Comedian is dead. Rorschach wants me to look into my future; see if the killer is ever publicly identified.
Rorschach: Already warned Dreiberg. Came to warn you too.
Doctor Manhattan: Even if I wanted to help, my future is blocked by some kind of temporal interference. I cannot see it clearly.
Laurie: Interference? Caused by what?
Doctor Manhattan: In all likelihood... nuclear holocaust. If the United States and Soviet Union engage in all-out war, the resulting blast wave would produce a sudden burst of tachyons, particles which travel backwards through what you perceive as time, therefore obscuring my vision of the present. I must return to my work. [turns away]
Rorschach: Wait a minute. What if that's why someone wants us out of the way? So we can't do anything to stop it?
Doctor Manhattan: Goodbye, Rorschach.
Rorschach: Took a lot of effort to get in here to see you. I'm not leaving... [Doctor Manhattan transports him back outside] ...till I've had my say. Hurm.
View Quote (After Rorschach tells him that justice matters) Justice is coming to all of us. No matter what the **** we do.
View Quote (Dr. Manhattan tells him that he sounds bitter over American victory in Vietnam) Me? Bitter? **** no. I think it's hilarious.
View Quote (While shooting gleefully into a crowd of rioters, Nite Owl asks him what happened to the American Dream) What happened to the American dream? It came true! You're looking at it!
View Quote [as his human body is about to be destroyed] I feel fear, for the last time.
View Quote [As the Owlship careens out of control] Daniel... Do not wish to interfere with operation of ship, but perhaps you should pull up sharply...
View Quote [discovering that the victim of murder was The Comedian] Tonight, a comedian died in New York. Somebody knows why... somebody knows.
View Quote [Final line of the film] Rorschach's journal. October 12, 1985. Tonight, a comedian died in New York.
View Quote [Final line to Dr. Manhattan who's about to kill him] Of course, you must protect Veidt's new utopia. What's one more body amongst the foundations? Well, what are you waiting for? Do it. DO IT!
View Quote [his last words before his transformation] Janey, don't leave me! Don't leave me!